Mr., Levi Wright, Sr.


 Wright’s Tours & Charter Service, Inc., was founded by the late Levi Wright Sr., in March of 1987. He established a family base business that grew so fast under his watch. He was the Wright person for this perfectly planned business adventure. He started out with a vision and pursued that vision until it became a reality. He was one of the founding members of Alabama Motorcoach Association. He was the man that strives for excellence and wanted the same thing from his staff for his customers’ sake. Customers and safety first was his motto, that’s the only Wright Way to do things.The name of the company has formally been changed to Wright’s Charters, Inc., and is still in operation after his death on September 3, 2008. The company is still moving forward, serving people with new coaches and mini coaches. With the help of local schools, churches, social organizations, and the community in Mobile County, we are able to continue to grow and serve Mobile in the Wright’s Way.