About Our Coaches

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Today’s motorcoaches are an amazing piece of mechanical equipiment. Each passenger is guareented an unbelievable experience of a lifetime. The motorcoaches were engineered and manufactured with the passanger’s comfort and safety in mind. Our motorcoaches are known for outstanding equipment and cheerful customer service. They are carefully inspected before and after each trip.All motorcoaches have to pass an annual inspection before riding in the inner city and on the interstates.

Our drivers inspect the coaches that they operate at the beginning and end of each day. These inspections include critical areas such as tires, wheels, steering, and air pressure for the brake system.

We are very proud of our sanitation crew, who come in and clean the buses before and after each trip. Like the drivers, the sanitation crew does a similar pre trip inspection. In addition, they make sure everything is clean in baggage area under the bus and the over head compartments.

Coach Interior

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All coaches are equipped with T.V. monitors, DVD, CD players, restrooms, and a P.A. system.